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Sending Light and Divine Love Archangel Michael message

Hello to everyone!

I thought I would share another Archangel Michael message from my "Sending Light and Divine Love for Light Sharers" monthly subscription program with you.

I Love the messages from Archangel Michael and our other Divine Beings who help to guide us through this time of change to our most Light-filled Living yet. As we are changing to hold more of our own, personal Light energy from our Soul ~ and as our Earth changes to hold more Light and Love from our eternal world ~ I always Love that our Archangels, Angels, Divine Beings, and Loved Ones communicate directly with us to help us with day-to-day Life.

We are all always Connected to our eternal Self and our eternal world ~ of course! And our Divine counterparts, including our own Soul, are always present for us! How nice to Remember so in a world that sometimes distracts us enough to forget ~ on a temporary basis only, though.

Whether we Receive this information as channeled information (which just means directly communicated, after all) ~ or as intuitive or conceptual information that appeals to us personally, it's always Divinely inspired.

The message holds the Divine energy itself that is communicating with each of us personally, and as you read it again and again, as you'd like, the energy of the message will continue to unfold for you ~ with deepening meaning and increasing resonance for you. All Divine energy continues to unfold in this way ~ just as Life does for each of us.

I hope you enjoy the message from this January meditation ~ and I Know I enjoy sharing it with you!

If you would like to sign up for my "Sending Light and Divine Love for Light Sharers" program, you may do so here.

And please share this message with others as you wish!

~ Sending Light and Divine Love to all of you ~ as we share it with people everywhere!

♥ Julie

From: Thursday, January 3, 2013

As always, I ask our Divine Beings to guide this energy work for the Best and Highest good:

Archangel Michael ♥ for Divine Life Purpose, courage, and protection
Archangel Raphael ♥ for healing
Jesus and the Christ Consciousness ♥ for the energy of Divine Love we are bringing to Earth right Now
Amma ♥ to be a pure filter of Love here on Earth

The New Year of 2013!

The time for change is here. Take a deep Breath and accept all we are bringing to you!

The New Year has begun, and with it a New Age we bring to you! This Age has been in the making for decades Now, from your point of view, and planned throughout eternity from our view here.

The energy itself is New, as we have been pouring Higher frequencies into you ~ into your galaxy, your solar system, your planet Earth and atmosphere ~ and into you. As such, this Newly energized You has powers far beyond any you've imagined, and even those still pale in comparison to the eternal you.

The energy itself Now has New properties, as we've been telling you ~ and you'll find as you Create in your daily Life, that it's much more bendable, more elastic, more fluid than the energy you've used before.

You'll find the speed of things accelerates as you yourself are more grounded in your Now, more Connected to your eternal Self in all you are and do, and you'll find the energy simply bubbles up into form, so easily, much like a vision of a lava lamp, to you!

This New energy moves you entirely away from the old paradigm of 3rd-dimensional energy, with its density and slow-moving, more concrete form-atization. And it moves you into an entire, new realm, a New Earth, that resembles much more your eternal world in the way you use your mind.

As you learn to Create anew, with Joy and having fun in the process, you'll become acquainted with your immense powers of imagination, all of which precede Creation in physical form. And you may feel like you're working with prestidigitation, sleight of hand, in the "Now you see it, Now you don't" Nature that your world around you takes on.

Release any fear you may encounter at this very real turn of events in your New world. And Know that your process of Becoming Now simply entails, more than ever, holding the energy, the specific frequencies, of what you want to Create.

For Now, as you are able to move from Creation to Creation more easily than ever before, you may also, at first, at times feel you have not enough to "grasp" onto.

Simply know it's a process of learning, a New practice to take on ~ and realize with awe and wonder that this New energy and its maneuverabilty, its change-properties, open up the reach and the powers of the Universe for you ~ more than ever before.

It is through this process of Connectedness with your eternal world, your Now moment, that you come to Know your Self, your True Self, more than ever before. And that, perhaps, is the greatest attribute of our New Age ~ that you feel in your heart and in your Soul, even as you walk the Earth, Who You Really Are ~ a Beautiful and Divine Soul, so much more so than you've known before.

As you acclimate to your New energy, to carrying more of your Soul in your physical form, you may feel a Lightness that sometimes makes it hard to Connect with your core, or with your Soul. This Lightness is a property of the New energy, but if it feels off-balance to you, upsetting in any way, or dizzy-making or ill-feeling, just Know that you are letting in so much energy that you haven't adjusted to it yet.

We are working with you to acclimate your body and mind, your very cells, to this influx of New energy that we are pouring through you. We Know you feel it already, this New energy that Creates your New Earth, and we Know that this energy itself is what brings Home to you, even as you Live on Earth.

Take good care of your Self, rest well, while drinking plenty of water to rebalance your cells, and eat nutritiously as your guidance calls you to do. This New energy doesn't mix with the old ~ instead, it raises the energy of all of your cells up to a New level, and in doing so, brings all of your Human Being aspects along with you.

The Light that we Know you Love so much is the very composition of your Soul, your Divine essence always here in our eternal world. And you are Becoming a Light Being, an actual Light body, in your physical world.

Let this Light guide you in all you do! And use it to Create your New world as it pleases you! As you work to regain your footing in a world that will feel so New, let us guide you to your Highest destination here on Earth, and Know that we are always with you!

~ In so much Joy and Love for
you and your world!

Archangel Michael, and everyone here in our eternal world